say goodbye to old curtains!

I can’t for the life of me remember where this was, but it was on one of our family vacations. I remember thinking that this would make a cool book cover…if I find out where I took this I will post it later.

Another of Yellowstone. I make no apologies; this place is ideal for photography, seriously

Mt. Rushmore (used in double exposure). I liked this one better sideways for whatever reason…I know, I’m a trendsetter.

El Retiro, Madrid (used in Mt. Rushmore Double Exposure)

This summer we went on a road trip. I’d never been to Mt. Rushmore; it was cool I guess, as cool as a man-made mountain carving of four dead guys can be. I have respect for the artist, they really got that ‘Murican Leadership look on the old boys
Naw, it was good though. There were a lot of people there as well, which was neat. National monuments/treasures (HEY THAT’S A MOVIE) are interesting to me because they’re very, very hyped up by pop culture/the media/the general population, and then you go to visit and you’re like, “This is lovely, I’ve always wanted to come here and see this and I’m really glad I did. But can we go back to the car now? It’s hot out.” That’s not to say they’re aren’t an astounding sight, but it’s not like you’re going to spend four hours there just staring at the thing. You’ve got shit to do!
ANYWAY, this was one of my favorite pictures I took there, even though I took it from the car. In editing I thought it looked kinda boring so I thought I’d spruce it up a bit with some peacock feathers, because why not. There’s no real connection other than I thought it’d be interesting. If they ever change the national bird to a peacock instead of an eagle, this picture will be relevant. Otherwise, TAKE ME FOR WHAT I AAAM, WHO I WAS MEANT TO BEEE! Great song.
I’ll post the original two photos because I quite like them as individual pieces as well.

Yellowstone National Park, summer 2012. I love the blue on these hot springs (or whatever they’re called).

Another one from the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis. They have an indoor carousel! It’s like something out of a dream; I loved this thing when I was younger.

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